How Will Digital Marketing Change In 2021?How Will Digital Marketing Change In 2021?

With the global pandemic having changed our lives for good, can we expect digital marketing techniques to remain the same? As expected, digital marketing has undergone immense sophistication. Shifting to digital environments has emerged as the only option for many businesses to remain afloat. This has obviously impact digital marketing in more ways than we can imagine. Here are some ways in which digital marketing is expected to change in 2021:

  • Greater Personalization: Consumer privacy is not a point of concern for buyers anymore; almost 72% shoppers prefer to engage with customized marketing. Buyers avoid mass-blasted emails and choose personalized web pages instead; so, in 2021, digital marketers must focus on customizing consumer communications more depending on their behavior, interests, and preferences.
  • Machine Learning: It will play an important role in producing engaging communication. For instance, Persado is one such brand that is leveraging machine learning to make content more relevant.
  • Social Media: As the pandemic rages on, more and more people are using social media. As lockdowns continue, people are turning to online sites for entertainment. Unique content is now the focus for social media platforms and businesses are using this trend for their own gains; they can now showcase their services or products before a captive audience. You must have seen a sudden surge in sponsored content on your news feed. Businesses are using social media ads to reach out to their target customers.
  • Specific Industries Have Become Accessible: Many stores that earlier could never be accessed online are now offering their services on the Internet. Even mom-and-pop stores are popping up on Google Maps and Google My Business. Non-chain eateries are the most benefitted since they can now hope to compete with the big fast food giants. Local businesses have received a tremendous boost as digital marketing grows.
  • Customer Segmentation: This is expected to improve in 2021 as companies like Facebook and Google, with huge volumes of user data, can understand their audience better. Digital ad algorithms can now micro-segment the audience.
  • Digital blog: A blog on a commodity trading gives information about how to buy or trade the commodity. Have a look at this aktien kaufen 2021 blog that provides complete information about buying stocks. The blog will further guide you through what to look for when buying stocks. So blogging serves as a potential digital marketing tool.
  • Automated Bidding: This had started in 2016 but is expected to become a force to reckon with in 2021. No longer will digital marketers tweak Google Ads manually; they will opt for automated bidding to optimize ads.
  • Shoppable Posts: A major trend that began in 2020 was when consumers started to buy products through social media posts. Social media sites are likely to explode into channels for ecommerce sales as buyers find it super easy to shop without having to exit the apps.
  • Voice Search: Another significant change in digital marketing will be the importance of voice search; most consumers now prefer speaking into search bars instead of typing. Voice searches are yielding different results as compared to text searches.
  • Image Search: Because of Google Lens, search engine marketing has got a huge boost. Users can now paste images to Google to access data about it. So, image-searching is another medium of traffic that digital marketers will be exploiting now.
  • Ad Blockers: Almost 27% of online shoppers are expected to have ad-blockers by 2021. This may affect revenues for digital marketers, but the latter will find new ways to bypass these ad-blockers.
  • Artificial Intelligence: This year will witness optimization of digital marketing strategies with AI. Using Artificial Intelligence, marketers will collect important data on user behavior and use and analyze this information to tweak their strategies.